partybbpbStar Discos have invested thousands of pounds to ensure we have the ultimate set up that can cater for and type of party big or small/ Indoor or outdoor.

We can literally turn any hall into a night club giving excellent light shows and high quality sound.

Star Discos state of the art lighting includes:
Moving heads, Lasers & LED lighting that spread light, colours and beams across the whole room and we are confident we have a better light show than any other mobile disco.

Star Discos have a large DJ booth which is covered with LED lights, this give a brilliant focal point and will impress your guests.

Star Discos sound system includes an MP3 Mixing system and our DJ’s actually mix by sound not computer.

Star Discos have invested heavily in giving you the loudest and best sound for your party, we have 2 15 inch Yamaha Subs and 2 15 inch Yamaha Speakers which generate over 4000 watts of excellent sound and give you bass that can be felt in your chest and will shake the bottoms of your trousers or dresses.

We can also provide LED Mood lighting to create an ultimate atmosphere (See Mood lighting section)

We also have a photo booth that will add the finishing touch to you party (See Photo booth section)

Special package deals can be arranged for a full package deal including DJ, Photo Booth and Moodlighting